About AlpinaGroup

Ever since we were first established, we knew exactly that we wanted to become a big, world-famous, multicultural organization. Beginning with a small business idea, we have managed to build and expand our companies piece by piece. Today our field of work does not only encompass the telecommunications sector, but also other industries like IT, services, real estate and hotel, as well as investment and food production industry. With this broad network we aim to offer diverse, peerlessly modern services, that investors, cooperation’s and a variety of organizations can benefit from.


AlpinaGroup is a multifaceted organization that is also characterized by its many areas of operation. From telecommunications, up to the development of apps or the production of food, we have successfully achieved entering the respective markets and maintaining our position in them long-term.


Today, values attributed to a certain company are of great concern for the business success. Strengthening said values permanently through one’s own beliefs is even more important. Because exactly those constantly changing projects, that also serve the common good, the ones that can actually initiate a change. Having a wide network that reaches above many fields and keeping an eye on the long-term interest of society, is a way to a prosperous future.

Hence, our goal is to offer our customers a wide range of diverse services. Our continuous transparency helps us provide exactly the security they need to win their trust once and for all. With all that we do, our vision of leading the market still stays in focus. In future we want to expand even more and find recognition all around the globe.


In order to achieve our goals, we make us of a series of strategies that can help and assist us. Having the goal of innovation at the center, we have always paid special attention to manufacture and customize our products in a way, as if we were the potential future buyer. Analyzing our own, and especially our customers’ needs, and finding a suitable solution for a specific problem, makes us stand out. For that reason, we are able to create innovative products that everybody can benefit, and profit from. All that occurs, whilst also keeping the complete satisfaction of our customers at the focus of attention.