Our Companies

We have also discovered our passion in the food sector. As Essencis GmbH, with Kerry as a partner, we produce first-class, high-quality taste solutions, while focusing on achieving the highest standards of health and well-being at the same time. In doing so, the high standards we set for ourselves enable us to produce customized taste experiences in all facets and nuances. Through Essencis, we now have an increased international presence in the Middle East and Turkish markets.


With the Haaki platform, we are showing that entertainment can be useful. We offer content that appeals to everyone, no matter where they are in life. We make sure that it is modern and entertaining, without compromising Haaki’s values. We have the content that helps you personally


Eure Invest GmbH expands our network into the area of property development companies. Here we focus on real estate projects and specialize in the realization of residential and commercial properties.


ViMo is a diverse company in the field of telecommunications. Making calls at low prices, receiving unlimited calls and more are possible, even abroad. Thus, Vimo makes it easier for customers to keep in touch with family and friends across national borders.


Abies Real Investment GmbH distinguishes itself by investing in specific real estate projects. Our first product of this company is called “AbiesHomes” and offers a relaxing place to reside in top locations for business travelers as well as for families. The combination of simple elegance with noble design and comfort makes our apartments stand out in comparison to others. Perfect for all travelers who need a place to retreat as well as a quiet place to work.


Innovative thinking is important for any company. After recognizing a big gap in the ethnic market, we made it our mission to meet this demand. Today, through Yooopi, we can say that we have managed to develop a Sim card product that can be used both domestically and abroad without any problems or difficulties.


Dcom offers users a wide range of functions. The goal is to provide IT solutions for the entire group, with a special focus on app development. Looking at the website, it will not be difficult to see that there is a wide spectrum of realized projects, among whom ViMO, iHawala, White Label App and Oneify fall.


Everything has an origin. A once small business that was at home in the 4th district is now one of the largest mobile phone providers in Austria. We have achieved this through years of hard work and ambition for more. Today, our customers can acquire various charging vouchers at the best prices through the website pinex.at.  In addition, AlpinaCom also managed to develop its own sim card known as Yooopi!